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From daily news to true crime, find the next can't-miss podcasts that everyone is talking about and are sure to get you hooked.

  • 'The Prophecy'

    In this supernatural thriller series, the world is facing a series of catastrophes when a mysterious pregnant scientist shows up offering to help the government.

  • 'The Big Lie'

    The true story of an FBI agent who is sent to investigate three blacklisted filmmakers who want to make a movie that embodies their pro-labor, pro-feminist beliefs. The agent is convinced the film is…

  • 'Fishpriest'

    Ethan Hawke plays a cop-turned-bounty hunter in a thrilling crime drama set amid the crack epidemic in the Bronx circa 1993.

  • 'Funny My Way'

    A deep dive into the life and times of Black comedy icons Paul Mooney, Flip Wilson, Moms Mabley, Dick Gregory, Rudy Ray Moore and Redd Foxx, told by contemporary observers and those who knew them.

  • 'Sundown'

    A group of teenagers is transported back 100 years into the past to investigate the racist history of their town in this sci-fi adventure mystery podcast.


Variety Produced

Keep it in the family with our suite of Variety produced podcasts covering everything from awards, Broadway and business.

  • 'Just For Variety'


    Each week, Hollywood's most recognizable red carpet correspondent, Marc Malkin, sits down with today's biggest stars to talk film, television, pop culture and the latest news.

  • 'Awards Circuit'


    The weekly "Awards Circuit" podcast features interviews with top film and TV talent and creatives; discussions and debates about awards races and industry headlines; and much, much more.

  • 'Stagecraft'


    Behind the scenes with the biggest stars on Broadway, off-Broadway and beyond. Hosted by Gordon Cox.

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